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Market Assessment Prioritizes
Vertical Marketing Opportunities; Integrated Sales Program Drives Successful Launch!

Vertical Marketing

Quantified size of key vertical markets (industries); validated market-specific product assortments; assessed vertical market focus of key accounts and tools used for each market; identified niche distributors which could serve as future distribution partners; prioritized vertical markets; developed sales presentations and support materials; led web-based training of entire sales force.

“We were charged with introducing an integrated vertical marketing program across all 6 business units, yet we didn’t have the resources to handle all of the work. Given the experience that M Force had previously within our organization, they were a great choice to assist us. They did an excellent job evaluating the various market opportunities and helping us prioritize them. They worked effectively and seamlessly with our internal teams to drive the development of a targeted selling approach and support materials for 3 very unique verticals. They trained our sales team when each of the market programs were launched and made sure that a performance tracking system was put into place to monitor our success. I was extremely impressed with the M Force team and the results they generated for our organization.”

Greg Pierce

Former VP of Central Marketing
ACCO Brands

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Channel Assessment Supports
New Market Expansion is Viable
for Established Consumer Brand!

New Market Exploration

Conducted evaluation of potential new market segment, including market definition, preliminary market sizing, distribution, pricing, competition, key success factors, industry trends, and go–to–market strategies.

“Given that our internal resources were stretched pretty thin and we couldn’t complete this new market/channel evaluation on our own within a very short time frame, we called upon M Force. They quickly assembled a project team of experienced professionals and got right to work. The end result was quite impressive. Included was a comprehensive profile of the market as well as a clear and thoughtful evaluation of how we might enter the market. We appreciated the fact that not only did they deliver a great story about the market opportunity, they also provided the necessary details required to back it up. It has been a great pleasure having them as an extended part of our team. We look forward to working with the M Force team again in the future.”

Mark Thompson

VP of Marketing
Lamplight Farms

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Channel Research Validates Product Concepts and Go To Market Strategy; Integrated Sales and Channel Plan Outlines Requirements for Launch!

Channel Research & Launch Planning

Completed channel evaluation and initial validation of water filtration business concept with multiple trade targets; developed sales and channel marketing plan required to launch concept—including pricing, promotions, market penetration plan, sales, and marketing organizational structure.

“M Force assisted us on a major corporate initiative: to determine the feasibility of launching a new product in the contract/builder channel of distribution. We had zero experience with the channel. Mark and his team worked to educate and advise on this initiative concurrent with executing a complex research project. The end result was a comprehensive and actionable channel strategy and marketing plan. M Force provided us with invaluable customer and consumer insights. What I appreciated most was the approach to teamwork M Force employed while working with us at Amway!"

Pattijean McCahill

Former Manager of New Business Development
Amway Corporation